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January 2019 Treasurer's Report

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* LPF Total Available Balance of $40,300.17
 -- Escrow $5,121.69
-- Operating $35,178.48

Filed first Florida Division of Elections report since 2013 for Q4 2018

Reimbursed Marc Golob for office expenses with the permission of the Chair on 1/16/19 for $52.27

Other expenditures have been made on autopay, will audit expenses with communications Chair Chaz Sanders

Total escrow on record $1,596.04
-- Martin County $100
-- Sumter County $50
-- Charlotte County $818.65
-- Sarasota County $75
-- Nassau County $552.39

Director Rose has made me aware that Leon County is dissolving and is putting me in contact with the Chair and Treasurer to arrange the escrow process.

Organized the new LPF "Football" filled with our pertinent Treasury documents to be passed on to future Treasurers. Also working on a guide for onboarding of future Treasurers.

Updated Sunbiz information, next update must take place by May.

Continuing to receive phishing attempts, obviously well organized attempts not by bots. Be on the look out and let your affiliate leaders know!

Working on Federal Elections Commission report despite government shutdown, report due at the end of January.
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Thank you
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