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Region 2 Report - January

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Region 2 Report - January

This month has been a slow month for me due to wedding planning.
Activities conducted: I reviewed the volunteer list sent to me by the membership committee. From this list I was able to pass on three potential volunteers to the Bay County Affiliate as we as reach out to a potential volunteer from Franklin County. This Franklin County name was not on the list of registered LPF voters in the county, so they were not previously on my radar.
Voter data for the region was updated. There were some small shifts from county to county but the new data did not include any additional email addresses.
I am continuing to refine my voter map of Region 2 so that we have a better idea of where our voters are concentrated and can use this in the future to target the best areas to hold events.

Unaffiliated Counties:
Jackson no new action   
Franklin contacted potential volunteer via email
Gulf no new action
Liberty no new action
Calhoun no new action
Washington no new action
Holmes - no new action

Affiliated Counties:
Bay passed on three volunteer opportunities via email

Mari Morrell
Region 2 Representative
Libertarian Party of Florida
#1 - January 20, 2019, 04:59:13 PM

Thanks for doing what you can
#2 - January 20, 2019, 11:07:11 PM