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2019 January Report

Discussion started on Rules Committee

Copying on behalf of Philippe Cadorette:

I was out of town for approximately 2 weeks. Nevertheless:

Disposition of 2 items referred to rules:

Motion 612: Not in order. The EC does not have the authority to alter the terms and conditions of membership. (RONR 577(23)) That is a right reserved by the body.

Motion 611: We respectfully submit this alternative: 
S.R. Article 8, Section 1
The Chairperson shall speak for and at the direction of the Executive Committee and the Party and shall report all published articles, press releases, letters and emails asserting his title explicitly or implicitly, or affecting the business of the party for the period preceding each executive committee meeting, unless revealing the content of such letters or e-mails would be detrimental to the operational security of the LPF.
#1 - January 20, 2019, 03:40:15 PM