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At-Large 3 Report - 2019 January

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Activities this past month:
  • Assisted LPF officers with financial and legal responses to ongoing issues
  • Conducted onboarding and basic training for appointed Region 8 Representative, Region 12 Representative, and Director At-Large 1
  • Attempted to obtain Facebook pages for unaffiliated counties
    • Successfully obtained Pasco and Putnam pages and handed over to Region Rep
    • Unsuccessful at obtaining Flagler, Hernando, and Charlotte pages
  • Continued social media activity on unaffiliated county pages, primarily Region 2
  • Assisted Legislative Action Chair with recruiting new members and other committee operations
  • Conducted Affiliate Support Committee activities

Plans for next month:
  • Continue assisting officers, EC members, and committee chairs as needed
  • Continue social media activity
  • Continue Affilliate Support Committee activity
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