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LPF Region 13 Report for December 13th, 2018

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LPF Region 13 Report for December 13th, 2018

Region 13 Activities

Attended November regular LPF EC conference call.
Broward County affiliate had to cancel their meeting in early December due to quorum issues.
Administered FB page for Hendry County.
Was able to reestablish contact and discussion with people from Hendry County about affiliating.
Attended a get-together in Palm Beach with affiliate members.
Forwarded new LPF member info to Broward and Palm Beach affiliates.
Provided notification of LPF regular EC conference call to Broward and Palm Beach affiliates.
Responded to request from Dir. Peele to define roles and duties of the Regional Rep. Position.
Responded to Chair Miralles' request to list successes this year.
Discussed membership and the CRM with new Membership Committee Chair Avi. Provided some documents.

Local LPMD Activities

LPMD meeting for November was canceled.

Other LPF Volunteer Activities

Affiliate Support Committee

   Reviewed Affiliation Establishment Manual and inserted comments on new document.
   Reviewed Part 1 of affiliation checklist and suggested some edits.
   Did a quick review of Part 2, will look at again in depth.
   Prepared and posted minutes for Meeting November 16.
   Prepared agenda for committee meeting of December 3. Attended meeting. Prepared draft of

Processed 16 new LPF member applications between November 15th and December 13th.
Noted and filed NDA form from S. Garber.
Picked up package from outgoing Treasurer, made arrangements to forward to newly appointed Treasurer.

Ongoing Projects

Continue to meet with both current affiliates regularly.
Continue to develop strategy for affiliation for Hendry County.
Be a conduit for information, interests, and concerns between the R13 affiliates and LPF EC.
Attend events of affiliates.
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