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December Report

Discussion started on Membership Committee

- Membership Committee has finished sorting through volunteers, sent out individualized emails to each region, and prompted committee chairs to let us know about their needs. Spenser has been a big help on the Membership Committee with outreach thusfar and has sent out initial correspondance to all of the pre-2016 election volunteer sign-ups. We'll take on more aggressive marketing tactics as time goes on to bring more volunteers into the fold.

- At the moment, we're working on volunteer matching and we've received responses for Volunteer Placement from:
   - Fundraising Committee
   - Convention Committee
   - Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13

- I'm working with Brandi, Omar, and Spenser to review our current volunteer form and make changes to maintain consistency with previous forms and thoroughly collect information so we're better informed for future placement. If you have specific questions about that, just shoot me an email at because it's a little too detail oriented for this call.

- In the month ahead, we'll begin working on getting established with the national CRM, should that motion pass. We'll discuss strategies for outreach projects to increase volunteer involvement - much of that will depend on our access to the CRM as well as how responsive EC members and Committee Chairs are to our matching surveys. On that note, we'll also begin a second round of volunteer placement surveys in early January to cover bases after the December matching process has completed.
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