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Region 4 / March 2019 - Region 4 Report
« on: March 17, 2019, 07:19:14 PM »
Attended a Soil and Water board meeting with the 2 elected officials in Bradford county. Identified some property that was owned by taxpayers in the possession of the chair of the board that was being unused and donated it to local non-profits.
Had a series of meetings to find people to run for local vacant seats.
Reached out to affiliate chairs in the region to remind them of the reaffiliation deadline of March 31.

(Posted on behalf of Ryan Ramsey)

Secretary / March 2019 Secretary Report
« on: March 17, 2019, 05:42:49 PM »
I spent a lot of time on the phone this month with other EC members and affiliate chairs, committee chairs, etc. working on various things. Two of my goals for this month were to get the Membership and Convention committee re-staffed, and we were able to get that done and on the Chair's report for the meeting tonight.
I spent some time discussing the CRM issue with Spenser, the new membership chair. I share his concerns that the LNC option has been made unnecessarily difficult, some of those factors were most likely out of our control but I suspect the change in leadership for the membership committee did not help the issue. In any case, Spenser seems very passionate about the ECanvasser solution, which he has proposed to be voted on tonight. From my understanding he has contacted many affiliate chairs to speak to them about it, and from what he's told me it sounds like a great option and I plan to vote yay. I am hoping if it passes, this is something that can be implemented quickly and we can finally go back to having a working CRM, as not having one has posed challenges these past few months.

I have been participating minimally in Rules Committee, however the obvious main focus of this month is reaffiliation. I sent out an email before the monthly meeting detailing where we are at with counties and paperwork:

The following counties have submitted both their petition and audit:
Osecola, Orange, Bradford, and Bay

The following counties have sent their petition, yet we are still waiting on an audit:
Volusia and Broward

Escambia just affiliated last month so as far as I know they do not need to send anything. That leaves the following counties that still need to send in both the petition and audit:
Alachua, Brevard, Citrus, Clay, Collier, Columbia, Duval, Hillsborough, Lake, Lee, Leon, Manatee, Marion, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Okaloosa, Palm Beach, Pinellas, Polk, Santa Rosa, Seminole, and Suwannee

I will continue to send reminders as we approach the March 31 deadline. That concludes my monthly report for March 2019.


Secretary / Re: February 2019 Secretary Report
« on: February 20, 2019, 03:07:50 PM »
Omar, Thanks so much!! It's been great having communication with you as well, so appreciate being kept in the loop

Secretary / February 2019 Secretary Report
« on: February 17, 2019, 07:01:26 PM »
I made an effort to keep up with duties and still be productive as much as I can this month with the added complication of a severe shoulder injury - I broke the top of my humerus and the bone is impacted into my shoulder, and have been in an out of hospitals all week.
Several committee members reached out to offer assistance, and I very much appreciate that kindness from my colleagues.

Although I did not have a chance to participate much in Discord with the Affiliate Support committee, we did have discussion to determine how we are going to facilitate the committee members helping me out with the re-affiliation process.
I sent out an email to all Region Reps to remind them of the March 31 deadline, and updated the Blank Petition form, which needed a correction to the reference to the Standing Rule at the beginning of the form that references which Article and Section dictates county affiliates. I have that form available in my Google Drive for anyone that needs it again, and have offered to be as helpful as possible if anyone needs assistance on the process.

I also participated in the Rules Committee and voted on relevant business, we are working on motions that were referred to us by the EC.

I had an extensive conversation with Vice Chair Recuero and he offered his assistance in some things I've been wanting to get done, especially in regards to committees. It's my hope that with the help of the Membership Committee recruiting volunteers (especially the efforts of Director Garber, who has also been extremely helpful), we will be able to get some new people on committees to empower the Chairs of these committees to get even more work done than they've already been doing and have a productive year. Vice Chair Recuero also filled me in on the meeting he had with the Treasurer, and I am hoping to be able to assist in getting some of the issues that were raised ironed out.

I wish i had more to report on the CRM and where we are at with that, however since I was pretty much asked to let that be handled by others I've been out of the loop. As far as I know, there was a google drive set up to upload the data into (one which I do not have access to), but that email was also sent out to others and I did not see anything further in the thread... I also know that a phone call was had between Ken with LNC and Zach Detwiler, but I have not had futher communication with either and do not know where we stand at this moment. I am hoping/looking forward to getting a report on this during the meeting from someone else who is in the know more than I.

I will continue to work on being as active as I can while dealing with my broken arm (unfortunately my dominant arm), however it is possible and quite likely that I will need surgery next week, so I may have to take a small break, but I am hoping it will be outpatient and something I can recover from quickly. Work may be slowed down but I will not let it stop completely.

At-Large Directors / Re: At-Large 1 Report - February
« on: February 17, 2019, 03:36:27 PM »
I have a spreadsheet where I keep track of motions, I appreciate you doing this though, it's always good to have an extra set of eyes! Maybe we should share ours with each other like we did with those other few spreadsheets.

Thanks for all your hard work, Spencer! You the real MVP!

Region 4 / Re: Region 4 December report
« on: February 16, 2019, 05:52:29 PM »
Yes, I posted it for Ryan

Region 4 / Region 4 December report
« on: January 21, 2019, 12:59:39 AM »
This month I attended a Duval meetup/social. Did work in preparation for upcoming legislative session. Met with local political leaders regarding county-wide efforts in Bradford and Union county.

Unaffiliated counties
Union - A hospitalization put a delay on affiliation, however the individual in question is recovering and should be ready to move forward soon.

Hamilton - Have a newly elected libertarian here, was invited a couple times for a meetup but was busy for the holidays. Plan on meeting soon.

Lafayette -  One of the affiliate officers found someone in Lafayette, so have reached out to them via social media, intend on perusing in upcoming weeks
Dixie - No activity

Secretary / Secretary Report - January 2019
« on: January 20, 2019, 11:50:58 PM »
This month I had a breach in my account (where we store all the recorded meetings), someone had performed an "account recovery", changed the password, and locked me out of the account. After contacting customer support and regaining access, I changed the password on that and all of my other official LPF logins, and asked all committee chairs who previously used the account for meetings to obtain their own accounts and use their own lines, to minimize the risk of password sharing and exposing the account to breaches of security.
Other than that I attended meetings and did work for 2 of the 3 committees I am a member of, Affiliate Support and Rules committee. Membership did not have an official meeting.

'The CRM is the biggest issue I am dealing with at the moment - the contact at the LNC has said that they only want to have one point of contact for the LPF , so there has been somewhat of a delay in getting the information over to them to get the ball rolling on the new database. The CRM is going to be my main focus moving forward, as I cannot do any credentialing and this is going to be a major problem when it comes time to do re affiliation which is coming up very soon. My efforts will be focused on getting this taken care of as a top priority.

Secretary / Re: Secretary's December 2018 Report
« on: December 17, 2018, 07:29:39 PM »
LOL Thanks !

Secretary / Secretary's December 2018 Report
« on: December 17, 2018, 05:31:27 AM »
This month was exceptionally busy, and I found myself having several long conversations on the phone with my colleagues and fellow libertarians, which doesn't normally happen and although it was mostly business discussions, I enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with people I don't normally get to talk to much. I will try to summarize my work for the party as best I can without boring whoever is reading this to tears...

Around the first of the month I found out that our former Region 8 rep had switched party registrations. I reached out and had a nice long discussion with him to ensure no hard feelings, and agreed to stay in touch and continue following each other on social media. I do hope he decides to return to the Libertarian Party some time in the future - his main reason for leaving was lack of time, as he is an elected official and is in the process of adopting a baby with his husband. I wish Mr. Kneeld the best of luck in his future endeavors and a happy future with his growing family. This also led to discussions with several other EC members and the Chair, and talks of the importance of making sure future candidates for Executive Committee positions feel comfortable in their ability to commit time to the position.

I also had extensive communications with the National Party this month. I was put in contact with the Candidate Committee team at the LNC to fix a small communication issue where they did not have the proper information on the elected officials in Florida following November's elections. I was able to rectify that situation and agreed to be the contact moving forward. Our own Candidate Committee is in the process of changing leadership and I intend to put whoever is appointed to the committee moving forward in touch with the proper contacts at the LNC as well.
Also spoke extensively with the Affiliate Support team with the LNC to learn about the state CRM project they are offering, and acted as the messanger there to get some technical and procedural questions answered and relayed to my colleagues who were tasked with presenting a motion for a new database for the December meeting.

I attended meetings and participated in discussions with the 3 committees I am a member of.  To summarize:
Rules - Worked with Philippe Cadorette and the other team members to come to a consensus on multiple items referred to the committee.

Affiliate Support - Attended a very extensive (and well ran) meeting led by Director Peele, where I took notes on questions to refer to the LNC rep I'd been in contact with in regards to the CRM. Also discussed a process for keeping track of NDA forms moving forward.

Membership - Attended the first meeting held by the new chair Mike Avi and was very encouraged and reassured in my feeling that this committee is going to be extremely helpful and busy moving forward. He asked me to be the Secretary for the time being for the committee and I agreed to do so. Him and Spenser Garber are doing some great work in setting up the other committees with fresh volunteers who have expressed interest through the website and had yet to be contacted. I am very thankful for the work they are doing, and hope to help as much as I possibly can with the implementation of the new CRM and other projects moving forward.

I have been in contact with most committee chairs and hope to have new volunteers to add to most, if not all, committees on January's agenda.

I have also been working with the Chair and new Treasurer to update our info with the proper gov't agencies, and will continue to do so as needed.

I expect January to be similarly busy and productive. That concludes December's report.

Secretary / Secretary Report - November 2018
« on: November 18, 2018, 11:43:12 PM »
I was able to participate a lot more in committees this month - Happy to see the Rules committee members being more responsive in Discord and a lot more discussion happening there. We are working on the question referred to the Rules committee by the concerned Broward member regarding EC positions and whether or not some are legitimate. Was finally able to get involved in the Affiliate Support Committee and attended one of their meetings - I was super impressed by the work they are doing, Greg Peele is an exceptional committee chair and I think the guide the committee is working on is going to be extremely helpful to incoming affiliates and their officers. Got a chance to speak to Mike Avi , incoming membership chair, and I expect him and I will be working a lot together in the coming months to fix some of the issues that he has identified.
A lot going on in my region not related to Secretary duties - we have 2 new elected officials in local positions.
Worked on the Agenda/Minutes and other basic Secretary duties.
Hoping to have a meeting in the very near future that includes Suzanne Gilmore, Mike Avi, Chaz Sanders, and possibly others, to figure out how we are going to be handling whatever new database we will be implementing to keep track of membership and other data.

Reports / Secretary Report
« on: October 28, 2018, 06:44:03 PM »
This month was very busy and productive. I prepared the agenda and minutes for both the special meeting we had on October 10th and finished Septemberís meeting minutes. I updated the affiliate information for several counties that had officer changes. Also worked with the Communications Chair to make sure the affiliate and docs portion of our website are up to date. As far as committees go, both Rules and Membership have been pretty quiet - I am hoping to work with the new Membership chair to make sure Iím in the loop on his plans for the committee moving forward and how I can help. I was not able to attend the first meeting of the new Affiliate Support Committee, and one thing I want to focus on moving forward going into November is making sure I get up to speed on what that committee is doing and see how I can get involved there as well.
I attended the best LPF event Iíve ever been to to date - the Tom Woods/Alex Merced dinner and fundraising event. Delicious food and both speeches by the invited guests were phenomenal. Our candidates that were in attendance also gave great speeches - it was an incredible night that reminded me why I love being apart of this party.

General Discussion / Re: At Large & Officer Reports?
« on: September 30, 2018, 04:24:13 PM »
Now I am confused, lol. What are the separate Regional tabs for if not for reports?

Also I think you may have told me but I can't recall - how do I view Committee reports from the main page?

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