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At-Large Directors / At - Large 3 July / August Report
« on: August 14, 2019, 10:14:25 PM »
7/18/2019   Reports; Comm team building; Trello config; Directors conf; Server issues
7/19/2019   Server analysis; process doc; create new Meeting page; upd WP plugins; upd WP themes; social media posts;
7/21/2019   LPF EC mtg; LPF EC mtg; recording post
7/22/2019   Comm budget; update mtg Event; review Rose comments;
7/23/2019   Escambia maint; Fundraising; LAC;
7/24/2019   Chat issue; Committee presser; email discs;
7/25/2019   Server issues; WP issues; archiving (free up server space);
7/26/2019   Server issues;
7/27/2019   Civi; email research; Contribute form data; web updates (Committees);
7/28/2019   Form data disc.s w Chaz, Tony; website upd; affilaite accts; Trello;
7/29/2019   Export data disc.s; Form analysis; Stripe DDoS;
7/30/2019   Installed CAPTCHA, Stripe attack stopped; also installed additional protection; WP admin; Dunne interview;
7/31/2019   Audit prep; Audit Cmmttee
8/7/2019   Email maint; Audit mtg;
8/11/2019   Committee Chair mtg
8/12/2019   Fundraising Cmt
8/13/2019   PW resets; SSL eval; EC and affiliate reqs;
8/14/2019   FB, Calendar updates; Possible NAP issue; Audit Mtg

Communications Committee / July / August Report
« on: August 14, 2019, 01:09:55 PM »
Identified a CPU spike issue beginning in June which was caused nearly 400,000 hits to our Donations page, 10k to 15k hits daily. This was likely caused by one or more credit card number thieves testing the validity of card numbers. Adding a Captcha to the page stopped the attack immediately. Other steps have been taken to further strengthen the site.

About to implement SSL on affiliate sites to eliminate the "Not secure" notice seen on some browsers.

Still cleaning data in preparation for the proposed LP CRM implementation. Director Gilmore has spent many hours assisting Communications and Membership, which we appreciate.

Reviewing options to migrate away from GoDaddy email to a more robust and hopefully, less expensive option. Former Director Peele has been a great assistance.  The first batch of addresses expires in November, so I hope to have a recommendation for the September meeting with our budget.

Social media posts continue en masse on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Discussions are underway to re-establish the Newsletter.

Audit Committee / July / August Report
« on: August 14, 2019, 12:53:45 PM »
Met with LP FEC consultant Paula Y. Edwards re: correcting ongoing reporting discrepancy

Reviewed Draft response to FEC

Among ongoing projects:

Chair will prepare final list of LPF Contract Attorney candidates, create ad hoc committee to review, interview, recommend to EC ASAP.  RECOMMENDATION: CPA review of proposed contract

With Rules, draft Bylaw to enshrine Annual Budget Process (See Sample) DRAFT UNDER REVIEW

Evaluate FDOE vs FFEC reporting  ONGOING

At-Large Directors / At-Large 3 June / July Report
« on: July 18, 2019, 03:09:43 PM »
6/29/2019   Email management; budget presser prep; Twitter; Audit account access
6/30/2019   LPF EC Meeting prep; Audit Convention Review draft; Convention docs; budget newsletter review; LibChat member mgt; News team

7/01/2019   Maillist maint; Chat maint; Onboarding - Set up Escambia site
7/02/2019   Email maint; Onboarding - mtg recs
7/03/2019   Complete escambia setup, dist login;
7/05/2019   Maillist maint; Committees page maint;
7/06/2019   Onboarding; Membership inq; Website maint;
7/07/2019   Discord mgt; mtg mins issues; Audit data coll;
7/08/2019   Website mgt
7/09/2019   Info cleanup; web backup attempts
7/10/2019   Email updates; website backup
7/11/2019   Audit; CRM disc; WP Backup;
7/12/2019   WP forms > Mailchimp onboarding; affiliate site sppt; affiliation inq; Calendar config
7/13/2019   MailChim sppt; affiliatiom inq; various issues
7/14/2019   Committee Chair mtg
7/15/2019   Mtg with Sellers; set up county email forwards; Trello; Chat mtnc; SR draft; Fundraising mtg
7/16/2019   Web upds; Motions; Audit mtg, Communications mtg
7/17/2019   Reports; contacting Comms members; WP Backup

Since appointment as Acting Communications Chair on July 5, much of my time has been spent in onboarding with Mr. Sanders, an ongoing process. Otherwise, Communications members were active in the following areas:

1. Investigating possible replacement of eCanvasser with LP National's CiviCRM. Committee VC Tony Sellers is lead on this. Should we decide to move ahead with a recommendation, EC approval will be required given the EC voted to utilize eCanvasser as its CRM March 17, 2019.

2. Research into a low-cost / no-cost ticketing system. RFS (requests for service) often arrive at a pace beyond the ability of Communications volunteers to address in a timely manner. Trello, Facebook and email options are being considered.

3. Social media exposure continues en force with Member Macy John posting an average of 10 Facebook posts daily and Member Justin McCue posting about 10 messages daily to Instagram. Team Member Cody Moser has offered to be our Twitter person.

4. Press releases have fallen behind this month, but I'm assembling a writing team committed to producing least one press release ("presser") per week. It is my goal to get each presser in front of every media outlet within the next month.

Audit Committee / Audit Committee Report - June / July
« on: July 17, 2019, 11:31:18 AM »
Met thrice since June EC Meeting: July 3, July 11, July 16

Among ongoing projects:
1. Chair will prepare final list of LPF Contract Attorney candidates, create ad hoc committee to review, interview, recommend to EC ASAP. PENDING CHAIR INTERVIEWS

2. Chair to provide LNC Convention Post Mortem sample(s) DONE

3. Audit to create LPF Convention Post Mortem template based on 2. IN PROGRESS

4. Draft Motion - Convention to prepare 2018 Test Post Mortem based on 3. COMPLETE AL1

5. AL2 to review Crown Plaza contract, determine if LPF Bylaw requirements were met NO DISCREPANCIES NOTED AS YET

6. AL1 / AL3 to review QB reporting to establish basis for Annual LPF Budget IN PROGRESS

7. With Rules, draft Bylaw to enshrine Annual Budget Process (See Sample) DRAFT UNDER REVIEW

8. Evaluate FDOE vs FFEC reporting PENDING

9. Identify discrepancies in FEC reporting vs Bank Statements PENDING

10. Documented LPF Compilation Report does meet DoE standards for an official annual Audit

11. Draft Motion to Make Changes to Standing Rules ARTICLE IX Proprietary Use of ‘LPF’

Audit Committee / Audit Committee Report - May / June
« on: June 28, 2019, 04:04:34 PM »
Since creation at Convention, the Audit Committee met formally twice, May 16 and June 20, as well as holding ongoing discussions. We've identified several process that need to occur before we can become fully operational. With assistance from the Chair and Treasurer, we'll need Quickbooks read-only access; Stripe, PayPal and WePay visibility; and read-only access to reports archives. We each have signed NDAs and assured they are on file with the Secretary.

I'm working with the Communications Chair on several issues we've / the Chair have identified: 2019 Convention Statement of Financial Activities; Stripe donation form reporting, user ability to cancel Recurring Donations, and possible eCanvasser connectivity to Gravity Forms. I'll report back as progress is made.

J Mark Barfield
Chair, Audit Committee
Director At-Large 3

At-Large Directors / At-Large 3 May / June Report
« on: June 26, 2019, 08:12:11 PM »
5/1/2019   Convention prep
5/3/2019   Convention
5/4/2019   Convention
5/5/2019   Convention
5/7/2019   Platform updates
5/8/2019   Constitution updates
5/9/2019   Nekhaila presser; Bylaws revisions
5/10/2019   Standing Rules revisions
5/11/2019   R7 support; Convention wrap presser
5/14/2019   Affiliate press release edits; LP Response Cards; Platform edits; LAC topics
5/15/2019   Standing Rules revisions
5/16/2019   LPCC Letter, Directors Meeting
5/17/2019   Call for volunteers; Flagler dic w R7
5/18/2019   Church Rock site visit; Flagler disc w R7
5/20/2019   Flager disc w R7
5/21/2019   Edits for Adams, McCary; Twitter
5/22/2019   FB post; LAC documentation; Flagler disc w R7
5/26/2019   LPF EC Special Meeting; Flagler disc w R7
6/5/2019   Twitter
6/6/2019   Twitter; Flagler disc w R7
6/7/2019   Flagler disc w R7
6/8/2019   Twitter
6/11/2019   Twitter
6/13/2019   LAC mtg
6/14/2019   Set up Candidates page; Twitter
6/16/2019   Chaz: Set up account accesses; LPF FB replies
6/17/2019   Olivadoti rewrite
6/16/2019   LPF FB replies
6/20/2019   Audit Committee mtg; LPF FB replies; Twitter
6/21/2019   LPF FB replies
6/22/2019   Directors: Letter to reg reps
6/24/2019   Website edits
6/25/2019   Website edits
6/26/2019   Website edits; LAC mtg; FB responses

Region 7 / Mar / Apr Report
« on: April 24, 2019, 07:24:27 PM »
3/17/2019   LPF EC Meeting
3/20/2019   Manatee LP
3/22/2019   To date: Twitter posts
3/26/2019   Souraya Faas PR
4/03/2019   MDX PR
4/07/2019   Flagler Meet and Greet   
4/09/2019   Press release edit, publish
4/10/2019   Flagler development
4/11/2019   Convention schedule draft; Flagler deverlopment; LPF EC
4/12/2019   Program brochure design
4/13/2019   Program Bios
4/18/2019   Manatee post promotion; distribute No Half-Cent Sales Tax signs pickup, delivery
4/19/2019   Flagler planning, No Half-Cent delivery
4/20/2019   Flagler Church on the Rock site visit, planning; sign distribution
4/23/2019   LPOC Candidates Forum
4/24/2019   Flagler planning

Region 7 / Feb / Mar Report
« on: March 13, 2019, 03:12:29 PM »
2/13/2019   VCLP EC Meeting
2/13/2019   HB 135 draft
2/21/2019   Convention PRs, LAC Mtg
2/22/2019   LAC Proposals, Convention PRs
2/23/2019   EC mtg
2/25/2019   Massage Parlors bust PR; LevelUp edits
3/01/2019   LevelUP PR; HB 147 research
3/05/2019   OcasioCortez PR
3/07/2019   CBD PR
3/10/2019   Columbia LP
3/13/2019   Social media posts, Red Flag reseach, press release assignment; LPVC EC Meeting
3/14/2019   Flager telephone call, FB page recovery, Fundraising rewrite, social media posts
3/15/2019   Distracted Driving draft, social media posts

Region 7 / Reg 7 Jan / Feb Report
« on: February 14, 2019, 03:59:20 PM »
Region 7:
Flagler: No activity
Putnam: No Activity:
2/13/2019:  VCLP EC Meeting

1/11/2019: Park Cleanup presser
1/23/2019: Attend C Michael Picken's Libertarian Leadership Training
1/24/2019: Venezuela presser, Family Gun Transfer research; Attend LPF Researching To Win Seminar
1/25/2019:  Newsletter
1/26/2019: Newsletter
1/27/2019: Newsletter
1/28/2019: Newsletter
1/29/2019: Newsletter
2/1/2019: Raw Story Reply
2/4/2019:    Edit mailer
2/14/2019: Newsletter

1/31/2019: FDLE Ch 119 Public Records Request re: HB 135 data
2/4/2019:    HB 135 research, draft; LAC mtg
2/7/2019:    FDLE Ch 119 Public Records Request re: HB 135 costs
2/8/2019:    Distracted Driving draft
2/13/2019: HB 135 draft; Distracted Driving draft

1/20/2019: LPF EC Meeting
2/7/2019:    Lake County LP Mtg

Region 7 / Reg 7 Report - January
« on: January 16, 2019, 04:38:57 PM »
Region 7 Counties:
    • Flagler: Mailed 213 First Class Letters (see att., thanks to R2 Rep. Morrell for her inspiration.) Response to date: 1 contact, 14 "Undeliverable" Also, spoke with one other person motivated to organize
    • Putnam: Family Gun Sales heads up
    • Volusia: Presided Volusia Annual Convention (Jan. 12)

    Committee Activity:
      Communications: Met with Mssrs. Sanders and Garber to plan Newsletter; Park Cleanup Press Release
      Legislative Action: Met with committee to discuss upcoming legislation, draft Paper for Distracted Driving

Affiliate Support Committee / Re: Region Rep Job Description
« on: January 07, 2019, 05:40:55 PM »
My understanding is as follows:
1. Support local affiliates by providing personal expertise when sought and serving as interface to the LPF EC;
2. Work with local individuals in unaffiliated counties to encourage and assist with organizing; and,
3. Provide as such LPF EC support as possible as warranted and as solicited on Committees and special projects.

Region 7 / Region 7 Report: Nov / Dec
« on: December 13, 2018, 11:15:31 AM »
Region 7
Flagler: ongoing list maintenance, mailing draft
Putnum: No activities
Volusia: No activities (all meetings canceled through New Year)

LAC: No meetings held

Review Elections report; research and identify discrepancies; website maintenance

Region 7 / Re: Region 7 Report - Oct / Nov
« on: November 18, 2018, 06:57:59 PM »

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