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Platform Committee / Platform Committee Report - January 2020
« on: January 19, 2020, 04:39:18 PM »
This should be my final update as the chair of the Platform Committee.

After six months of work, the expanded platform document is completed. This month was spent three nights a week with 2 hour meetings voting on the final planks of the expanded platform we've written over the past several months. In addition to the expanded platform document, we have a few changes to the existing platform planks that we will be bringing to convention. I also submitted my resignation and request that Ricardo Mejias is made the incoming Chair. The current breakdown of the new expanded platform is such that he has authored 76% of the document. There is absolutely no one more qualified than him to be the new chair.

Currently we are in the final editing process to bring the document in-line with the Communications Committee's requirements for LPF documents and will post the final document to be presented to the public by the 21st (30 days before convention).

I also sent a recommendation to the EC and Rules requesting a change in Bylaws at convention regarding the Platform Committee's obligations, as there is nothing specific requiring Platform to have the entire document submitted beforehand.

Currently within the Bylaws it is written:
Article III, Section 3: “The Platform Committee shall present a combined document of proposed changes and additions to the Party Platform at the Annual Business Meeting. It shall perform its duties to present a document as outlined in Article V.”

Article V, Section 1: “Adoption of the Bylaws will be consistent with the adoption of the Constitution.”

And in the standing rules it is written:
Article X, Section 2: “Any members may request the Executive Committee to include on the agenda any item. Such request shall be in writing to the Chairperson thirty (30) days prior to the convention, or within seven (7) days following the announced date and place of the convention, whichever is closest to the convention date.”

My suggestion for my request at convention is to strike the sentence from Article III, Section 3 stating, “It [Platform Committee] shall perform its duties to present a document as outlined in Article V,” and replace it with language such as, “The committee shall deliver its proposed changes to the Platform to the Executive Committee within 30 days of the convention, or within seven (7) days following the announced date and place of the convention, whichever is closest to the convention date.” I think this would help clear up some common ambiguity both me and the incoming chair were dealing with regarding the platform.

Thank you again for letting me serve this awesome committee in 2019.

Region 1 / Region 1 Report - December 2019
« on: December 14, 2019, 08:09:31 PM »
This will be my first report as Region 1 Representative, so forgive me as I’m still accommodating myself to the position of writing reports for a region that is mostly affiliated!

County Reports
Escambia: Met on December 14th for monthly meeting; held a monthly social on November 16th. EC Committee is planning to introduce a resolution to local commissioners to support 2A sanctuaries in Escambia county with hopes to make either specific cities or Escambia a 2A sanctuary.

Santa Rosa: Met on December 7th for monthly meeting; also has been holding quarterly Adopt-A-Highway Cleanups (last one was October 12th); semi-annual business meeting was held October 24th. Members are also discussing 2A sanctuary legislation.

Okaloosa: Will meet December 30th for monthly meeting. Chair and VC attended the Crestview City Council Meeting to argue for the removal of city ordinances restricting the ability for businesses to sell alcohol within 500 feet of a church and within 500 feet of another establishment which sells alcohol. Chair also argued against the efficacy of red light cameras in the city. Committee added a volunteer, Paula Previte, to manage the affiliate’s social media and recruited two activists for future events. Secretary/Treasurer working on op-ed for newspaper.

Walton: Walton is currently unaffiliated. As of November, has 145 LPF Voters with 72 phone numbers. Still working through this list to get people involved.

Platform Committee / Platform Committee Report - December 2019
« on: December 14, 2019, 07:52:56 PM »
December's update comes with some great news: Out of 80 or so total planks the committee had to cover and update for long form platform, we have about five left. This means that by our second meeting of the month on December 26th, we will be finished with the first draft of the long form platform document!

Currently the platform committee has two tasks ahead of us: first, we need to review what changes from the long form platform will carry over to the short form for convention and compile our platform updates for the short form documents; second, we need to edit and compile the long form document now that we will have our planks written by the end of the month. Thus far we have been finishing the first part and expect to be completed with that by our first meeting in January (which will be taking place each week beginning in 2020 leading up to convention.

In addition to the regular changes to our documents, the other news to be introduced is that we anticipate a change in leadership in the committee, as I will be leaving in February to start a job outside the state of Florida and want to ensure the Platform Chair will be at convention to introduce it and discuss it on the floor. At this week's meeting, the committee unanimously voted to nominate Ricardo Mejias for this position beginning in January's EC meeting where I will step down. We hope the EC will accept this nomination when the time comes, as Ricardo's work on the platform has been extensive since joining this fall, and I cannot think of a person better qualified for the position than him.

Region 2 / Region 2 Report - November 2019
« on: November 15, 2019, 01:05:11 PM »
This morning I sent my resignation email to the Secretary and to the body of the EC. Last month I worked, albeit unsuccessfully, to find a replacement for myself in Region 2 and used previous and current voter data to determine trends for Region 2. In my resignation email I included a final report for my tenure, which I will also attach here.

My highlights are as follows:
We should prioritize Washington, Jackson, Gulf, and Holmes for affiliation. In the report I include a city breakdown for each of these counties.

In terms of identifiable trends, R2 has not benefited from the membership boom that the LPF has undergone over the past two years. For example, while the Okaloosa County Libertarian Party (R1) saw an increase in nearly 200 voters from October 2017 to October 2019 (going from 584 to 730 registered LPF), the Bay County Libertarian Party (R2) experienced a decrease by nearly the same amount (going from 754 to 589 registered LPF). As far as I could tell, this was because many people left R2, but for those that remained, roughly 65% went Republican and 35% went Democrat. I have to assume this is a Trump-Bernie divide (Holmes County won Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary with 51% of the vote, the highest in Florida),  but I regretfully did not call anyone to ask.

I've identified two strategies for outreach: the first is Victor Bean's Panama City Beach gun show. This may be a way to affiliate or at least increase the number of LPF in counties adjacent to Bay, including Washington and Gulf. Second, Trump has held two massive 10,000+ supporter rallies in Panama City Beach over the last two years. I'm certain there will be more. Although Trump is very obviously not a Libertarian, there are surely "Trump Libertarians" in the Panhandle who might be willing to make a party switch if we can gauge interest at these things. I think it would be a mistake to skip over them.

Finally in my report, I question the effectiveness of setting the goal of affiliating individual counties. Given that most of the counties in R2 have less than 20 Libertarians (a large proportion of whom are over the retirement age of 66 years and 2 months), trying to affiliate each county as an island of its own may be a strategy doomed to fail. As such I make the recommendation of examining affiliation conglomerates which have existed in the past (for example, The Northwest Florida Libertarian Party that existed in R1). For this I've identified three potential groups: The Bay County Libertarian Party representing Bay County; the Gulf Libertarian Party representing Gulf, Liberty, and Franklin counties; and the North Florida Libertarian Party representing Holmes, Washington, Jackson, and Calhoun counties.

I hope anyone who is interested is able to access my report and I look forward to helping my replacement onboard with the LPF in the near future.

Best regards,

Platform Committee / Platform Committee Report - November 2019
« on: November 15, 2019, 10:35:30 AM »
The Platform Committee met for the first time this month on Thursday (we meet the second and fourth Thursday of each month) to discuss our progress on the longform document. Out of the 12 sections we are working on, we are now on Section 8. My prediction is that we will have the first draft of the longform document completed by our second meeting in December.

Currently we are doing two things in addition to drafting the document: we are voting on a name, which is to be done by our meeting two weeks from now, and while writing the longform document we are also finding reccomendations for changing the shortform document at convention. Thus far, we have found a few grammatical and formatting errors, redundancies, and outdated language we would like to fix in the shortform document. This list won't be very long, as thus far we've identified about a dozen changes, most of them minor, that should happen. Besides that, we don't plan on changing the shortform document too much.

Beginning in January, we are also going to be meeting every week, rather than every other week, to discuss the final changes to the shortform document, as the previous Platform Committee did at the beginning of 2019. During this time, we will also be putting the pieces together of the longform document for formatting and editing the work we have done there. We are hoping to make these meetings a public and open forum and hope that members external to the committee are able to attend and give us their valuable feedback before convention.

Region 2 / Region 2 Report - September 2019
« on: October 25, 2019, 03:45:23 PM »
Four major updates for October (my apologies on seven days of tardiness, I had been traveling and out of reach of computers for some time).

1) Out of our 86 phone numbers for R2, I put in 25 calls last month to gauge interest in affiliating Washington or Jackson counties. No interest has been expressed, but given these results I have at least obtained updates for some of the numbers we have in the system.

2) Spoke to an NRA representative who was interested in co-organizing an outreach event for gun shows in R2, but ran into a problem in that he generally only goes to events in Bay County (which is already affiliated). It may be worth it to table at a Bay County event anyway given that R2 counties are sparse enough that a gun show in Panama City likely attracts people from adjacent counties.

3) I was asked if I might be interested in representing R1 instead of R2 given that I live in R1 and the R1 seat is empty. I am considering this position, but am giving myself at least until the end of November to find a replacement for me in Region 2 so that I don't leave these critical Panhandle counties empty.

4) Given that we have some historic data for the voter rolls going back to 2016, I am going to take a look at R2's general growth over the past three years. My understanding from a cursory look at the data are that most counties are exponentially gaining in LPF members, but that R2 may be an exception to this trend. After updating the eCanvasser files last month for R2, what was evident to me is that we hemorrhaged a number of registered voters to both Republicans and Democrats in the last presidential election cycle (ironically this is split about equally between the two larger parties). Before I leave, I'll be assembling a more general R2 report and packet for the LPF to hold onto.

Platform Committee / Platform Committee Report - October 2019
« on: October 21, 2019, 12:18:40 PM »
This last month has been extremely productive for the Platform committee. In September we met three times and it looks like we’ll be meeting at least four times in October to discuss the Platform and longform document with each other. We have a really good group going here that in the past few weeks has picked up a great deal of momentum.

In terms of overall progress, there are exactly 12 sections comprised of 80 planks from the original platform that need to be elaborated in a longform document. I'm happy to announce that we have completed five sections and a over 45 planks, we can happily announce we are over halfway on our first draft of the document. In addition to work on the longform document, we have found about five language issues we would like to address in the official platform that we’ll also bring forward to convention.

For our onboarding document Spenser wanted, one of our members has been a bit busy but has volunteered to work on an onboarding/platform video that I will turn into a PDF document so that the LPF can have something in the event everyone on the Platform picked up and left or disappeared at the same time.

After talking to Chairman Steven Nekhaila about printing costs for last year's convention, we will be requesting $150 for printing fees in the Q4 Committee Budget for our Platform Documents at convention in 2020.

Other than that, I’m certain we’ll have some interesting things to bring to the table at convention. On Tuesday 10/15, one of our members gave a presentation on some ideas for search engine optimization and a potential website layout for the longform document to bring forward to or for me to work on with Communications which will then also be presented on again at our meeting on Thursday 10/24. If anyone wants to join in on that, just let me know and we'll be happy to cue you in.

Region 2 / Region 2 Report - September 2019
« on: September 15, 2019, 05:17:44 PM »
Several updates for this month:

1) I integrated the voter data from the voter CDs for Region 2 counties with eCanvasser to update our R2 voter rolls. A number of folks left, but we went from having ~20 phone numbers to now having 86 total. The breakdown in numbers are as follow:
Washington County- 24
Jackson County- 23
Gulf County- 16
Holmes County- 8
Franklin County- 7
Calhoun County- 6
Liberty- 2

Unfortunately I haven't finished phoning everyone, but have been updating based on disconnected numbers. There is a couple in Washington County who may be interested in affiliating.

2) As for emails, for every email we had in eCanvasser, as well as for ones pulled from the voter roll CDs (in total, fewer than 30), I sent out letters of interest for affiliating each county (aside from Liberty, who require a different kind of effort on my part). I haven't received anything back yet.

3) Not an R2 issue, but I was able to get email rolls for a number of Libertarian college organizations. Hopefully we can use those to boost volunteer numbers.

Platform Committee / Platform Committee Report - September 2019
« on: September 13, 2019, 09:18:06 AM »
Boy I love working on this committee!

The last month or so the committee has been doing the same work on the long form platform to varying degrees. We have one member, specifically, Ricardo Mejias from Duval County, who I’d like to recognize for being an absolute powerhouse in adding to the platform. Not only is he beating the deadlines we’ve sort of set for each other, but he’s consistently putting out amazing work every week and everyone on the committee continues to be amazed by his dedication to getting this thing done. Additionally, we onboarded a new member, John Thompson, who has already given us a lot of feedback and will be working with us to get this document on paper.  Kevin and I are also going to make an onboarding document sometime this month so we can boost output by adding new members since I believe someone unfortunately stepped back from the committee this month.

Procedurally, we’ve also figured out some organizational features for the longform platform:

First we went ahead and made a list of six things that should be addressed for each plank, namely: the current situation, what Libertarians advocate, why we advocate it, what the benefit our position has to constituents, if there is a change that needs to be made (how we should make it), and finally in more limited contexts, how a political goal might be obtained. We also changed the file naming system so we can navigate each other’s work more easily.

Second, we decided that instead of working each week and voting on specific things to agree on now, we are going to work to try and get the entire document written within the next few months (with feedback from each other during our biweekly meetings, of course) and, sort of like before, tack down the issues later and start voting on them. We also hope to make this last part an active event where everyone can check in and give comments, just like the committee did leading up to convention earlier this year.

Finally, we've also been thinking of giving the longform platform a more official name and have been drafting up some ideas on that, but we haven't gotten one yet that captures the essence of the document.

In terms of our overall writing progress, there are about 80 planks that need to be addressed and thus far we have written 16, so we’re coming along but we will probably need to speed things up if we are to have this done by convention. If you know anyone who wants to help us on this, let me know.

Region 2 / Region 2 Report - August 2019
« on: August 18, 2019, 02:14:07 PM »
Assembled the email list for reaching out to potential members who would like to affiliate. The current active affiliate, the Libertarian Party of Bay County, has not yet met, but I'll be reaching out soon to meet up with their EC, as they also do not have an updated website - perhaps we can set that up for them. Focusing effort on getting Jackson County up, as they've had issues with police in the news recently, so might be a good hot button issue. Also recently met with a ballot harvesting activist making his rounds around the state to discuss issues with the party, sent him contact information for the Chair and Vice Chair.

Cody Moser
Region 2 Representative

Platform Committee / Platform Committee Report - August 2019
« on: August 18, 2019, 02:08:12 PM »
The Platform committee is now in full force. Two weeks ago I appointed Rob Casterline from Orange County as the Secretary of the committee and we added John Thompson from St. Lucie county and Ricardo Mejias from Duval to our ranks.

Over the last month and every two weeks we have met to discuss the protocol for and extend our platform into a “long-form version” where we go through each plank of the platform pass at convention to expand upon it and elaborate real-world libertarian examples and justifications for our broader points in the platform. The way this has basically operated is that we’ve had everyone pick a plank in the platform, edit it through for the next 14 days until we meet again (whereby we can suggest comments to each other’s changes) and then meet to discuss and vote upon incorporating these points into the long form platform. We are looking forward to closing up the first section of the Platform's extended version!

Aside from that, we have an excited group looking forward to working on this document over the next 11 months and hope everyone follows along themselves. If anyone excited or qualified would like to volunteer writing a document about Libertarian ideals and practices, please feel free to reach out to me.

Platform Committee / Platform Committee Report - July 2019
« on: July 21, 2019, 05:17:41 PM »
This year's new Platform committee met briefly last week for an onboarding call to discuss times, expectations, and goals for this year's Platform Committee.

Thus far the committee is staffed by the following:
Cody Moser (Chair)
Dennis Misigoy (Vice Chair)
Rob Casterline
Kevin O’Neil
Celicia Slafter

We also have a couple of people who have spoken about being on the committee who we will be bringing onto calls in the future. As far as finding a secretary, Rob Casterline has gladly spoken up and said he is thankfully willing to volunteer to keep minutes for our meetings for us.

As far as expectations for the year, we are going to meet every other Thursday for the purposes of working on an extended version of the platform currently called the "long-form platform." The purpose of this will not be to replace the current platform which the EC voted to approve at our convention in May, but to elaborate and build upon the principles laid out in the nine page document for readers and Libertarians in the state to follow up on.

If you can think of our current platform as laying out the principles of the party, this longer formed document will be a more "applied" version of that: citing laws, literature, and specific case examples of our principles and how we can codify and use them in our political contexts. This will be of use both to the party to help us figure out what we mean by each individual plank in the platform, but also for outside readers who want to see what the Libertarian mission looks like, in detail.

As I said, the purpose of this document is not to replace the original platform but to elaborate upon it. As such, I hope to introduce a motion to our EC members for our meeting in August to codify this in some way for a vote at convention (in the same way that changes to our short-form platform must be approved) to ensure that 1) everyone is a part of this document and 2) that the party is on the same page as to what sort of literature we are putting out.

Aside from that, we have an excited group looking forward to working on this document over the next 11 months and hope everyone follows along themselves. If anyone excited or qualified would like to volunteer writing a document about Libertarian ideals and practices, please feel free to reach out to me.

Cody Moser
Chair, Platform Committee

Region 2 / Region 2 Report - July 2019
« on: July 21, 2019, 04:58:43 PM »
July, 2019

Started with some of the smaller counties and tried to reach out to Libertarians in those regions this month to see who all I could reach by phone, but no success right now in recruiting interested volunteers to form affiliates.

My follow-up option will be to communicate with mail chimp or some email service to send out letters by county for getting volunteers as most people we had a phone number for in eCanvasser did not pick up.

Still working down the list for Washington, Jackson, and Holmes and have gotten some interest from two potential volunteers in Washington County so I will be trying to meet with them this August. Once I have mail chimp set up, I will just follow through with the same approach as above.

Cody Moser
Region 2 Representative

Region 2 / Region 2 Report - June 2019
« on: June 28, 2019, 06:09:57 PM »
Region 2 Report – June 2019

This will be my first report as the new representative for Region 2. Just as a background, although I am not currently residing in Region 2, I live in the Panhandle (Okaloosa County) and travel back and forth throughout the area with colleagues of mine who live in Tallahassee. I was appointed Region 2 Representative at May, 2019’s EC meeting. Prior to this, I spoke to Region 2’s previous representative, Mari Peele, about goals and initiatives for the region at convention and ideas for proceeding.

Here are my thoughts thus far:
•   There are 8 counties in Region 2 and their numbers are as follows (data from eCanvasser):
Bay County: 754 Libertarians/185,287 Constituents/.004 ratio
Washington County: 45 Libertarians/24,880 Constituents/.001 ratio
Jackson: 40 Libertarians/48,305 Constituents/.0008 ratio
Holmes: 25 Libertarians/19,558 Constituents/.001 ratio
Gulf: 21 Libertarians/16,164 Constituents/.001 ratio
Franklin: 7 Libertarians/11,727 Constituents/.0005 ratio
Calhoun: 5 Libertarians/14,587 Constituents/.0003 ratio
Liberty: 2 Libertarians/8,457 Constituents/.0002 ratio
•   According to their reports and members, the Bay County affiliate seems to be doing well on their own and do not seem to need too much help from the state party. Regardless, I plan to attend their next meeting when it takes place, as my understanding is they may wish to support a candidate.
•   Aside from Bay County, there are 7 other counties which can be affiliated in Region 2. Of those, Washington, Jackson, and Holmes counties are along I-10. Those not along I-10 have very few Libertarians.

•   The best options for counties to affiliate next look like this to me:
1.   Holmes County: The folks in Holmes are, for the most part, close to the ones in Washington County. There are many of them living in Bonifay, so this may be a better chance than Washington.
2.   Washington County: This seems to be the largest concentration of Libertarians with many of them being concentrated around Chipley.
3.   Franklin County: All of the Libertarians in this region seem to live right by each other. I should see if I can’t get in touch with them all as they are relatively young.
•   I think the best opportunities for NPA outreach are going to be on the I-10 corridor: Washington, Holmes, and Jackson counties. Hopefully I get at least one of them affiliated by fall and get something going along with a local affiliate.

•   Using eCanvasser I am going to make calls to these counties, starting with Holmes and Washington and gauging interest in Franklin.

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