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Region 1 / August 2019 Report
« on: August 18, 2019, 07:28:15 PM »
August 2019 Report

I have been very sick most of the month, and on the days I was not ill, I was slammed in my personal life trying to keep the family responsibilities afloat. Due to this, my activity as region representative has been regrettably minimal. I am on the upswing and hope to hit the ground running in the coming week. The following is a brief list of the things I was able to get done:

*Attended Escambia County’s social meetup
*Replied to 3 volunteer inquiries forwarded from membership by email; will follow up with a phone call this week.
*Attended affiliate support committee meeting
*Attended fundraising committee meeting; I will be learning how to put together videos to assist with our upcoming fundraising drive. This will be a brand new skill for me, but I’m looking forward to learning and assisting the committee. In an effort to lead by example in the fundraising department, I have committed to a $25 recurring monthly donation to the LPF.
*I was unable to attend eCanvasser training, but I do have the recording and will be familiarizing myself with the program this week

Region 1 / July 2019 Report
« on: July 21, 2019, 06:34:36 PM »
*Connected with a libertarian who is relocating to this region from Louisiana. He has attended meetings for both Santa Rosa and Escambia counties this month and is looking to hit the ground running when his relocation is complete. He will be an Escambia County resident, and an asset to our region as a whole.
*Responded via phone call to an inquiry from an LPF voter in this region, who is currently in the process of relocating to Miami-Dade, about the direction of the party and how and where he can get involved. I put him in contact with Steven Nekhaila to better address some of the concerns regarding the party at-large. I am looking forward to seeing him getting plugged in when he is settled in Miami.
*I have been dropping petition links for the Floridians For Freedom cannabis ballot initiative in local groups and on media outlets, and using that as a foot in the door to connect with people who may be involved in either helping with just the amendment, or may be interested in the LPF
*Spoke with a sitting Milton City Council member about current issues in the city, and asking about how we as a party can get involved there. We do not currently have any active members residing in city limits, but the county affiliate can still influence city goings-on, as they do affect us and our voters in the county.
*Have reached out on several specific issues multiple times to a local non-LPF county commission candidate, trying to get our foot in the door early with him in the (I believe, likely) event that he is elected to the commission. There are several issues that we can work with him on. We are not running a candidate in that race, and are not actively supporting him, but rather seeking to have him as an ally on specific libertarian issues in this county if he is elected.
*Held a regional gathering to more closely connect with the county affiliate EC members in this region; however, things came up for several people and most were unable to attend.
*I have not completed this yet, but I am currently working on using a sample ordinance that Michael Boldin from Tenth Amendment Center posted in the LP Mises Caucus group. The ordinance is a Second Amendment Protection ordinance, which would prohibit county funds, resources, or agencies from being used in the degradation of the second amendment rights of our citizens. When I am finished, I will present the proposal to our sitting commissioners via email and hope to find one of them willing to bring it up for consideration to the commission.
*Participated in the Affiliate Support Committee call; Reviewed our Affiliate Support Guide for errors and submitted those to our committee chair, Director Gilmore; Also began reviewing and editing a fundraising section for a future iteration of the guide, submitted to the committee by Fundraising Chair, Mr. Golob, prior to convention in May.
*Participated in a Fundraising Call, and have been considering ideas for how to effectively fundraise for the LPF.

Region 1 / June 2019 Report
« on: June 30, 2019, 06:00:33 PM »
I have made contact with 2 people in Walton County to move forward on affiliation; however, one recently reported that he will be moving. Once ECanvasser training is complete, I hope to use the information in there along with sponsored ads on Walton County's facebook page to locate and connect with more interested people and get them affiliated.

I have scheduled a regional meeting of our executive committees in Region 1 for July 19, 2019. We will be discussing goals for our affiliates, and work together to brainstorm ways to meet those goals, as well as identify ways that I can be more helpful to them each individually in my role as Region 1 Representative.  Contacts from Walton County will be invited to this meeting as well, as it will be helpful for them to meet with us all and ask questions in person.

This month I have participated in the Affiliate Support Committee call and have begun reviewing documents for errors and to suggest additional information to be added or updated. I have spoken with Marc Golob about LPF fundraising, and look forward to serving on that committee when it is ready.

I have participated in calls and communication with Martha Bueno, Heather Preysz, and with Colby Wise from Floridians For Freedom, regarding the recreational marijuana ballot amendment. We are working on a ground game to get the necessary petitions signed, collected, and turned in. If anyone is willing to assist in this project, please contact me and I will put you to work!

Outside of the LPF I have continued in my role as regional coordinator for LP Mises Caucus, and have done some work for a national campaign.

Region 1 / April 2019 Report
« on: April 28, 2019, 06:59:54 PM »
My activities for the past month have included the following:

-Submitted reaffiliation paperwork for Santa Rosa County as LPSRC Secretary/Treasurer to LPF secretary along with audit, which was also sent to Santa Rosa County SOE.
-Assisted Okaloosa County with their audit and paperwork needs and made sure they could submit on time to reaffiliate.
-Attended affiliate EC meeting and semi annual business meeting for Santa Rosa County, where I was reelected as treasurer, and Spenser Garber was reelected as chair.
-Assisted with delegate credentialing for convention, as part of my duties as an Affiliate Support Committee member.
-Participated fully in Affiliate Support Committee calls, communications, and email votes
-Organized a Florida chapter Mises Caucus organizational meeting to be held during convention, as LPMC Region 2 representative
-Communicated with two Walton County libertarians, still looking to find enough interested folks to start an affiliate there
-Set a tentative date for a regional meeting, May 25. I will update as the date, time, and location for that meeting is solidified.

Escambia County Update, from Thai Heiler (LPEC Chair)
1. Created new affiliate logo
2. Created affiliate welcome letter
3. Increased bank balance
4. Created lists from voter logs and will disseminate lists for cold calls at the next business meeting on May 11th
5. Damian Guillen has agreed to be Secretary so they will hold a special election for that. This will give them a full EC.
6. Successful "Meet Your Neighbor Night" socials have added six new members to their rolls this month.
7. Notified state party to update map listing an active Escambia County affiliate
8. Inquired about monies from the old Escambia County affiliate, but have not had any success locating that.

Julia Hall, Region 1 Representative

Region 1 / March 2019 Report
« on: March 17, 2019, 03:39:33 PM »
I am appreciative of the opportunity to serve as Region 1 Representative. Since my appointment last month, I have attended Escambia County’s affiliate meeting where there was a good turnout and a lot of positive energy to get off the ground and running. Thai Heiler is making calls and planning meetup social events to get the word out and get more active members. Santa Rosa County will be having our semi-annual business meeting on March 30th. Director-At-Large 1 Spenser Garber is the chair in Santa Rosa County, so I will leave specifics as to what he has been doing to him for his report. I have made contact with two people in Walton County who are interested in serving on an executive committee, so I am continuing to reach out and try to find at least one or two more so that we can get them affiliated as well. Cody Moser, Okaloosa County’s chair, submitted a detailed report as to what is going on in their county, which I will include here:

“March was a very busy and productive month for the OCLP. At the end of our last EC meeting, we appointed a new officer who owns an up-and-coming local business to fill the position of Secretary/Treasurer. In opposition to Crestview’s red light camera program, we ran a pamphlet campaign for local elections to oust a sitting (Democrat) council member in hopes that we would be able to turn red light camera opposition to 3-2 on the city council. I’m pleased to report, in part due to our door-to-door, online, and business outreach on the day of and week leading up to the election that we were able to narrowly swing the election for the underdog candidate and the city council is now 3-2 against red light cameras. During this time we attracted a lot of local business members who are interested in attending our meetings. Additionally, a candidate we endorsed in the Destin City Council election who has a serious interest in clearing up a lot of the nonsense regarding our controversial toll bridge and proposed city pay-for-parking programs won a seat. A lot of things are happening in Okaloosa County, which is by-proportion the most Libertarian county in the state, and we look forward to having our business meeting and elections at the end of the month.”--Cody Moser, Chair, Okaloosa County Libertarian Party

Our region is tight knit and cohesive, and there is a good working relationship between the executive committee members. We attend each others’ meetings and keep up with each other in chats. I am planning to start having periodic regional EC meetings so that we can better learn from each other and what is working and what isn’t working, and streamline our approach to growing our affiliates.

Julia Hall
Region 1 Representative

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